A sneak peek at The Skull Game

Now that Broken Mirror is off to betas for review, I’m turning my attention back to “The Skull Game,” episode two of my space adventure serial Belle Starr.

I didn’t mean to write a serial. The first episode was a story I submitted for an anthology which got rejected, but liked so much I decided to self-publish it anyway. I’m glad I did, because it consistently gets better sales and feedback than any of my other self-published pieces. I’ve had enough people ask for more of Shaen and her ship the Belle Starr, I decided to create a serialized novel. It’s meant to be reminiscent of the old movie serials, like Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. And it was inspired by Star Trek and Firefly, which as television shows, were obviously serialized stories. I hope you all like it.

Episode one is going to be re-released with a new cover and a new title: “Whiskey on the Rocks.”

In this second installment, coyote pilot Shaen Morris finds herself in a saloon on the the Class I world of Magha, pondering her mortality after the events of “Whiskey on the Rocks.”  Meanwhile, someone else is nervously pondering her presence. Here’s an early sneak peek.

Of all the bars in all the planets in the galaxy, she had to walk into this one.

Drevin eyed the petite woman with the short, white blond hair with much trepidation. When he’d gotten himself mixed up in that mess back on Mebarik, she was the first pilot he’d turned to, hoping to get off-world ahead of the local militia. He figured he’d turn on the charm, flash some credits, and be out of there.

She’d turned him down flat. He struggled to remember what she’d called him.

But it wasn’t their inability to reach a business agreement that had him wincing at the sight of her as she slid up to the bar and ordered a drink, her hand resting a little too obviously on the revolver tucked under her long jacket.

The problem was his second choice for a pilot had tried to steal her jump window the next morning. Worse, that pilot’s brother had tried to sneak up behind her ship and drop it out of the sky.

It hadn’t worked out as planned. It wasn’t his plan to begin with, either.

But Captain Shaen Morris of the caravel class starship Belle Starr was a coyote pilot. Like all coyote pilots, she was utterly insane. So the fact that he hadn’t really been responsible for trying to force her out of the sky might not register as a good reason not to shoot him where he stood.

I’m excited to get back to Shaen and the Belle, and write another adventure in their world. We’re going to be meeting a few more interesting characters, including a scientist named Mad Yuri. We’ll learn a little more about the Vero brother (Vahnu and Vishku). And Shaen will meet Risa Sellee, who reminds her of a younger version of herself.

Everyone has secrets. Everyone is playing a different game. If Shaen’s not careful, the stakes could be the one thing she swore she’d lose over her dead body: the Belle Starr.

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