An Interview with: Ella Grey

steampunk fairy tale anthologyI’m pleased to announce that the new release date for Once Upon a Clockwork Tale is June 1, 2013! This collection of four classic fairy tales, each reimagined in a unique steampunk setting, contains my novella Bitter Cold (based on “The Snow Queen”).
To celebrate, I’ve asked the other three authors from Once Upon a Clockwork Tale to drop by for a virtual interview, to talk about their writing, and why they were attracted to the idea of steampunk fairy tales.
First up, is Ella Grey! Ella’s contribution is Wings, a retelling of “The Wild Swans.”
Born into a world where the fairer sex hides coyly behind fans, Winifred is nowhere near the stereotype. She is fearless and passionate about her father’s scientific work. When the King summons him, Winifred is worried. The arrival of her six brothers and the mysterious Amelia and her silent brother offers distraction, but Winifred’s world is about to change beyond recognition and it’s up to her to save everyone she loves.
Kat:  Please tell us a little about yourself and your writing.
Ella: I started my publishing journey with Echelon a few years ago with my story ‘What a Way to Start the Day‘ which featured the fire witch Molly O’Brien. Since then I’ve been published in several different genres, from adult romance ‘Irish Kisses‘ to young adult ‘A Difficult Decision. Now I can add steampunk to that list as well.
Kat:  What drew you to a project around fairy tale retellings? Why do you think these stories continue to fascinate people?
Ella: I’ve always loved fairytales. It is a love that has only grown since I had my son. I read to him every night and the fairytales are a good place to start.  When I saw the call out from Echelon I knew that I wanted to submit to it. I had a few idea that I sent to Karen before I settled on retelling ‘The Wild Swans.”
The original fairytales were often described as being morality tales and were usually told to children to keep them in line. Fairytales are always going to be popular, they are the original stories after all.
Kat: What was your favorite fairy tale as a child? Was that the one you selected for OUACT? Why or why not?
Ella: My favourite was Beauty and the Beast. Frankly I was jealous of how many books Belle had and of course it was a beautiful story. I didn’t pick this for the anthology because I wanted to go for a lesser known fairytale. That doesn’t mean though I don’t have future plans for my favourite fairytale or for a few others.
Kat: Hollywood has seen a resurgence of interest in classic fairy tales recently, with movies like Mirror Mirror, Snow White & The Huntsman, Hansel & Gretel, and the television shows Grimm and Once Upon a Time. If you could see any fairy tale made into a big-budget motion picture or television series, which would you choose? Why?
Ella: That’s a good question. It’s hard to pick since Once Upon a Time and Grimm feature so many different ones. I think if I had to chose it would be Red Riding Hood or a modern interpretation of Ariel. That would be interesting. I mean who doesn’t like a mermaid. 🙂
grey-authorpic-webYou can find Ella online at her blog: 
Experienced web wordslinger. Noob steampunk novelist. Stumbling Christ-follower. Bluegrass Hoosier.