Big Teeth is FREE this Week!

I love my characters.


In fact, sometimes, a character will jump off the pages, sit on my shoulder, and absolutely insist that I write more stories about them.

That’s what happened with Lulabelle, the hillbilly Caravan thief from “Big Teeth,” a steampunk retelling of “Little Red Riding Hood.”

I first met Lu over a year ago, when I was writing Bitter Cold, my steampunk version of “The Snow Queen” for the upcoming Once Upon a Clockwork Tale anthology.

The original fairy tale included a character called “the little robber girl” who was instrumental in helping Gerda find her missing friend Kai. In my story, the little robber girl ended up a saucy Tennessee spitfire of a redhead—the daughter of the leader of a band of hillbilly vagabonds known as The Caravan.

I never intended to write more stories about Kit and Greta (my versions of Kai and Gerda), but I finished up the draft of Bitter Cold knowing that I was going to have to give Lulabelle her own tale.

Big-Teeth-Thumb_revWhen I started this year long experiment of trying to produce and publish an ebook every month, the very first story I wrote was Lu’s tale, Big Teeth. It’s prequel to Bitter Cold, and it fills in a little background about Lu, The Caravan, and even the nefarious Snow Queen. You won’t need to read it to enjoy Bitter Cold, or vice versa. But if you enjoy one, you’ll most likely enjoy the other.

Since it looks like Once Upon a Clockwork Tale will be launching June 1, 2013, I wanted to give everyone a chance to read Big Teeth. So I’m making it free for the next five days on Amazon, starting tomorrow. That will give you the whole Memorial Day weekend to read it and get stoked for Once Upon a Clockwork Tale.

Think of it as a free appetizer. Hope you find it whets your appetite for more steampunk fairy tale goodness.

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