Flashes of Wonder – a collection of flash fiction stories

flash fiction story ebookOver the past few years, I’ve written a number of flash fiction stories. Some of them for my writing group, Quills & Quibbles. Some of them for my short-lived email newsletter. Some of them for submission (and the almost inevitable rejection).

Flash fiction stories are very short stories, under 1000 words. Some people place the limit at under 500 words. At any rate, they’re quick reads. You might think flash fiction stories are easy to write; and while they don’t require some of the structural and organization skills a novel might, they’re actually pretty challenging. It requires tight editing skills and economy of words to convey a whole story in such a short space.

At some point, I realized I had quite the little pile of short pieces built up. Each story could be easily read in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee. Or tea, if you prefer.

So I decided to compile them all, give them a nice spit ‘n polish of editing and revisions, and bundle them up into a spiffy little anthology eBook. I hope you enjoy them!

Flashes of Wonder is a collection of flash fiction, poetry and very short stories. Most of them have a steampunk or classic science fiction and fantasy element. Whether the story is about dinosaurs on Main Street, dragons in the far-flung future, or a ghost who haunts Twitter, all of them have an element of the mysterious. Each ends with a glance towards an uncertain future of wild possibility.

Experienced web wordslinger. Noob steampunk novelist. Stumbling Christ-follower. Bluegrass Hoosier.