OMG I’m An Author

[originally published on That Darn Kat, February 21, 2012. -kf]

So, a few weeks ago, I noticed a Facebook update from the lovely and talented Marian Allen mentioning that her publisher, Echelon Press, was looking for submissions for steampunk versions of classic fairy tales.

If you are not an aspiring author, and you are not into steampunk, and you did not grow up reading & adoring Andrew Lang’s “Coloured Fairy Tale Books,” it is hard for me to describe exactly how much awesome is packed into that one sentence.

So after squealing just a little, I read the call for submissions. I got very excited and started tossing some ideas around and finally hit on one that I liked. A lot. Like, “I’m going to write this thing even if I never get a publisher interested in it.”  I ran the idea past a few friends who shared my taste in fiction. They all loved it.

So I sent in my first ever fiction query letter.

If you want to be an author, the first thing you learn is that you will have to face a lot of rejection. In reading Stephen King’s On Writing last year, he devotes a lot of space to all the rejections he got before his first short story was accepted for publication, and before Carrie was accepted.  How it’s supposed to work is, first you submit and get form rejection letters, if any response at all.

After a while you submit, and get rejection letters with specific and helpful feedback.

Then, glory of glories, you get an acceptance.

As a copywriter, I’m used to rejection. I was prepared for rejection.

I didn’t get a rejection.

We will fast forward past the part where I screamed like a bobby soxer at a Beatles concert, and ran yelling around my house, waving my Windows Phone with the acceptance email like it was the Olympic torch on the last lap to the stadium. In case you were wondering, I have absolutely no decorum whatsoever.

In short, this is my official That Darn Kat announcement: I’m going to be published.

I am currently writing a novella, a steampunk version of The Snow Queen called Bitter Cold.

Echelon Press will be including it in an anthology called Once Upon a Clockwork Tale.  It will also include steampunk versions of The Wild SwansJack & the Beanstalk, and Hansel & Gretel.

It’ll be available in paperback and eBook in February, 2013.

Their previous steampunk title, Her Majesty’s Mysterious Conveyance, is currently available on Amazon.

I’ll be posting more details as they become available. When it gets closer to time for publication, I may be doing some contests to give away free eBooks for review and other awesomeness.

To everyone who reads this blog, and has encouraged me in my writing, from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. And whatever your  dreams are, I hope you get to experience the feeling I’m having right now.

Experienced web wordslinger. Noob steampunk novelist. Stumbling Christ-follower. Bluegrass Hoosier.