Tell Me What’s Wrong

Hey there, reader friends! I hope you’re all enjoying my two steampunk fairy tales: Blowhard (The Three Little Pigs) and Big Teeth (Little Red Riding Hood). I’ve gotten some great feedback from readers who’ve really liked my “alternate history+alchemy” take on the Wild West and American South, including two five star reviews. One is on Smashwords, and one is on Amazon.

Speaking of feedback, if you’ve discovered any goofs in these stories, please send me an email to author [ at ] katinafrench DOT com. I’m producing these eBooks really fast. I’m also editing them myself. If you find any grammatical errors, gaping plot holes (I hope not!) or formatting weirdness, LET ME KNOW.

It’s my intention to have all the stories professionally edited and combined into a novel-length anthology at the end of the year. I’ll be making that book available as both an eBook and in paperback. If you love these stories, except.. [enter flaw here] I’d be endlessly grateful if you’d let me know.

And if you love the books and think they’re flawless? Feel free to shoot me a review. 😉

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