Time is Running Out: Get Blowhard While It’s Free

Just a quick warning. If you’d like to check out Blowhard, out my steampunk version of “The Three Little Pigs,” it’s still available for free on Smashwords for one more week.

At the end of the month, I’ll be editing it and putting it on Amazon for $.99. The price on Smashwords will also go up to $.99.

Blow-Hard-CoverBlow Hard: A Steampunk Fairy Tale

Blowhard is a steampunk retelling of The Three Little Pigs, set in a world where the American states never united and with a little steam, some gears and a touch of alchemy, almost anything is possible. 

The Hamm brothers, Elijah, Elias and Eliott, have moved out west to Kansas territory from their home in Philadelphia. After staking their claim as homesteaders and building three homes on the unforgiving prairie, the youngest’s straw bale house is destroyed by a freak tornado–one that appears out of a clear blue February sky.

Their claim lies in the path of a railroad planned by a nefarious bureaucrat named Otto von Rudolph. After a second home is destroyed, the brothers discover the shocking truth: Rudolph has a steam-powered weather machine that can create cyclones on command. Will the three brothers manage to stop this dastardly blowhard? Or will their dreams get blown away?

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