Troll or Derby by Red Tash on Sale for $0.99

911298_357559427677589_1765480406_nAside from actually writing again, one of the coolest things about the last two years that I’ve been focusing on my fiction writing again (after a mere 20 year hiatus) is that I’ve met a lot of neat local writers.

Growing up in rural Harrison County, Indiana, creative kids get discouraged a lot. We get told that writers, artists and actors are all from New York or California. They all come from wealthy families, and you can’t get there from here. This explains why I spent a few years as a bookkeeper, despite my intense loathing for math, money and Microsoft Excel. So it’s awesome that now I’m discovering all these active, productive creatives and writers around the southern Indiana area.

Red Tash is one of those local authors. She specializes in young adult dark fantasy. I loved her short story “The Wizard Takes a Holiday,” which is rather transparently set at one of my very favorite spots in southern Indiana. The follow-up, “The Wizard Takes a Fitness Class” is equally entertaining, albeit set in San Francisco, while her novel This Brilliant Darkness is set in southern Indiana, at the college town of Bloomington.

Right now, her ebook Troll Or Derby is on sale, for a limited time only.

Troll Or Derby is a 4.7 star fantasy with 58 reviews. It normally retails for $4.99, but to celebrate its return to Nook, iTunes, Kobo and Smashwords, the book will be on sale for only $.99 on all ebook stores, including Amazon, from April 19-22nd.

So, if you’re from Indiana, you can support a great local author for just a buck. If you’re not a Hoosier, but enjoy dark fantasy featuring trolls, fairies and roller derby, get your fix for cheap.

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  1. Red Tash says:

    Yes, that’s the problem! There’s no official Amazon store for the Netherlands, so I think they do currency conversion. Thanks for using Smashwords!!! Enjoy the read.

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