You Asked for It, You Got It: A New Belle Starr Story

It’s funny how things work out. The stories you love as a writer, the ones you feel will really resonate with people, sometimes just don’t. And the stories you write on a whim, or to try something different, end up taking off.

Of all the stories I’ve published so far, Belle Starr, the space adventure I didn’t really set out to write, has been by far the most popular. It’s the one people go out of their way to tell me they enjoyed. People keep asking me for more of Captain Shaen Morris and her secretly sentient, lobster-shaped ship, the Belle Starr.

I’m almost 8,000 words into Broken Mirror, my steampunk Snow White tale. Even so, I’m only about 1/3 of the way through the story (maybe less, it keeps growing). I spent a week this month being derailed by illness and catching up at work and home from said illness. I also grossly underestimated how much research I’d really need to write convincingly about life in a traveling circus, and stage magic. So I’m definitely not getting it done in the next nine days.

As I’ve announced earlier, Once Upon a Clockwork Tale, including my novella Bitter Cold, is releasing from Echelon Press in June. It’s always been my intention to not publish anything the same month as Once Upon a Clockwork Tale.

So here’s the new plan. I’m currently working on another Belle Starr short story, which should be ready in the next few days. That will be my May eBook. June will be all about Once Upon a Clockwork Tale. And then (fingers crossed), I’ll be releasing Broken Mirror in July.

Here’s the blurb for the second Belle Starr story, “The Skull Game.”

She’s brave, crazy, dangerous… and your best shot at crossing the galaxy alive. An encounter with an android and an orphan has left Shaen unsettled. She’s the best coyote pilot in the galaxy, but the future for all coyote pilots is madness and death, or worse, a permanent return to the hellish Asylum Ships. Unwilling to let the Belle Starr become space debris if she’s incapacitated, Shaen agrees to something she’s never attempted: taking on an apprentice.

But old rivals Vahnu and Vishku have a different plan to make their fortune and avoid their fate. A plan that includes stealing the very thing she’s struggling to save: Shaen’s fractured mind.

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