Science Fiction, Fantasy & Steampunk Books

All of these books are currently available as eBooks. The Clockwork Republics Series and Once Upon a Clockwork Tale are also available in paperback.

The Clockwork Republics: Steampunk Fairytales

The Clockwork Republics Series, a collection of steampunk retellings of classic fairytales.

Enter a world of alchemical magic and mechanical marvels… where the American states never united… airships soar over a patchwork map of rival republics… and the tales you thought you knew take on a whole new life. Learn More

the Belle Starr chronicles: A Space Opera Serial

She’s brave, crazy, dangerous… and your best shot of crossing the galaxy alive. Captain Shaen Morris may be certifiably insane. Her ship the Belle Starr may look like a rusty, lobster-shaped piece of junk. But for the right price, they’ll get you off-world, using the interdimensional portal known as “the Passage.” Learn More

Short Fiction

Sometimes, the best adventures come in small bites. Encounter four wildly different steampunk takes on classic fairytales from four up-and-coming authors. See what happens when a drug dealer tries to set up shop in the wrong small town park. And discover nine different imaginative tales, all short enough to read over a cup of coffee. Learn More