The Clockwork Republics

The Clockwork Republics Series is a collection of steampunk retellings of classic fairy tales.

Enter a world of alchemical magic and mechanical marvels… where the American states never united… airships soar over a patchwork map of rival republics… and the tales you thought you knew take on a whole new life.

Based on “Beauty & the Beast”

A thief with a vendetta. A detective with a dark secret.

They can’t trust each other, but they can’t resist each other, either. This rollicking steampunk rendition of “Beauty & the Beast” is set in a magical alternate New Orleans. When airship pirate Lia Espinosa gets entangled in a debt of honor with private detective Leo Desjardin, they embark on an elaborate game of cat and mouse. Will his search for justice and her quest for vengeance lead to disaster, romance or both?

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Mirrors & Magic: The Clockwork Republics Book 3

A retelling of “Snow White.”

Neve Bianchi has always lived in the shadow of the big top, haunted by the death of her father, a famous magician. But then she discovers something incredible. She holds the power to destroy Lang & Perrault’s World Famous Circus, or return it to its former glory. Can she trust the charming Prince of Blades? Or will the wicked Queen of the Air poison their success?

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Web Version Bitter ColdA Retelling of “The Snow Queen”

Childhood friends Kit and Greta live in an alternate 1886 powered by mechanical marvels and alchemical magic. When Kit is captured by a ruthless industrialist known as the Snow Queen, Greta risks everything to save him. Can a stubborn young lady defeat the most powerful woman in the world with a little alchemy, a lot of luck, and a clockwork reindeer? Or will the Snow Queen’s diabolical device, the Eternity Engine, wreak an icy reckoning?

Paperback: $12.99

eBook: $2.99



 Blowhard: The Clockwork Republics book 1Based on “The Three Little Pigs.”

After staking their claim on the unforgiving Prairie, the three Hamm brothers’ straw bale house is destroyed by a freak tornado. Can the brothers stop the dastardly blowhard behind it all? Or will their dreams get blown away?

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Big Teeth: The Clockwork Republics book 2

A retelling of “Red Riding Hood.”

As a capable thief, Lulabelle should’ve known better than to steal from the ruthless alchemist known as the Snow Queen. When things go wrong, she’s on the run from a mechanical wolf with only one place to turn: the gun-totin’ granny who disowned her years ago. Can Lu escape a steam-powered monster with a set of really big teeth?

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