ZOMG! Free Short SFF Stories

fow_flat-181x300So, you’ve stumbled upon my lair  website, and you’re wondering if I’m any good at this whole story-spinning, word-crafting thing. Well, you’re in luck, Bucky.  I have here several free short stories which you can obtain for the ultra-low price of FREE. As in zero dollars and zero cents. Click through and peruse any or all of them below.

Or, if you have one of those newfangled eReader doodads, you can get all of them–also for FREE–as an aetherbook. Or E-book, if you prefer to eschew the steampunk affectation.

Here’s the best part. Most of these free short stories are flash fiction, under 1,000 words. You can read them faster than your $5 latte can cool off enough to drink.  So you don’t even need to invest much of your precious wakey-wakey time to find out whether you like my writing. BECAUSE I AM HERE FOR YOU, READER PEOPLE.

Almost all of these free short stories have a steampunk, dieselpunk or classic science fiction and fantasy element. You’ve got nothing to lose but your boredom. And possibly the cynical certainty that good things don’t come without a price.*

Swap Meet

A story about dinosaurs and the Department of Corrections.

The First Step

A steampunk subversion of the usual “let’s sacrifice a virgin to the dragons!” trope.

Uncommon Grounds

A psychic hairdresser with a ghost for a BFF considers the bittersweet nature of her gift. 

Wild Blue Yonder

A wily street urchin hatches a desperate plot to pull off the biggest heist of her life.


a poem about tragedy and infinity

Ghost in the Machine

Twitter gets even creepier when there are demons in your DMs.

Nightingale’s Lament

Because the “hicks in the sticks” need superhero stories, too.

Down a Dark Alley

Fire up the Tesla gun.

Staying on Track 

A very short story about marriage.

*Relax. I’m not even going to ask for your soul or your firstborn. Of course, I’m hoping you’ll become addicted to my prose, and start gobbling up my non-free scribblings. The first hit is just on me.