Ghost in the Machine

DahliaBlack72: “It’s late. I’m bored. You know what that means? To the interwebz! LOL”

DahliaBlack72: “So, who else is on Twitter at this ungodly hour? C’mon. I need someone to entertain me.”

DahliaBlack72: “Seriously. I welcome anybody. Democrats. Republicans. Spambots. People who think @LindsayLohan is an underrated actress.”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 be careful there. you never know what might pop out of the dark places with an invitation like that.”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan Ha! Lecherous old men? Oversexed boys typing one-handed, tracking the mythical cougar? I’m 2 old for 1, 2 young for the other.”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 not scared at all, eh? no fear you’ll attract the wrong kind of attention?”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan I’m a big girl, buddy. With excellent locks. And you’re one more creepy tweet from getting blocked, bored or not.”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 so sorry. i didn’t mean to offend. still getting accustomed to this whole mode of communication.”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan That’s OK. Hard to judge creepy or genuinely concerned in 140 characters.”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 true. i’m not used to a woman courting the attention of total strangers. still seems strange to me. i’m from another era.”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan well, good on you for even trying. Couldn’t pay my dad to get on Twitter, ha!”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 i’m here for my work. prefer the old ways but they don’t work as well nowadays. it seems twitter’s where you find new blood.”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan Yeah. A lot of my older friends are here for the same reason. Kudos for trying something unfamiliar.”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 i don’t scare easily. but neither do you, right?”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan Nope! It’s only the internet. Someone gets freaky, I can always block ’em. Or just log off.”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 but you’ve already invited them into your home. practically into your lap.”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan That’s crazy. I’d never invite someone I only knew from Twitter to my house.”

JDegnan: “d DahliaBlack72 you mean your apartment.”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan How did you do that? I’m not following you.”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan Alright, very funny. Apartment is obviously a guess. I wanna know how you DM’d me. I don’t follow you.”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 oh, but i’ve been following you.”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan DAMMIT! How the hell are you doing this? I BLOCKED YOU.”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 such language! not very ladylike. you can’t block me. you extended an invitation. you said you welcomed anyone.”

DahliaBlack72: “Any friends out there? I need help. This guy’s done something to my lappy. Won’t turn off. Can’t close Twitter.”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan Alright, I give. What are you really? Some hacker punk? How’d you lock down my computer? How are you doing this?”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 what am i really? oh, my dear. i don’t think you really want to know the answer to that question, do you?”

DahliaBlack72: “What is this? New reality show? Whoever it is, that’s enough. Can’t get my door open. Phone’s dead. You win. I’m scared. NOW QUIT IT.”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 checking your phone in the middle of a conversation is rude. now that I have your attention, i can’t have you running off.”

DahliaBlack72: “911 HELP! ANYBODY? Some guy is scaring the hell out of me. Power’s out, but can’t turn off lappy or log off Twitter. Someone please @ me.”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 no one is answering. doesn’t that seem odd to you?”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan I’m serious. If you stop this now, I won’t press charges. This has got to be a federal offense. JUST STOP IT.”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 you’d think you’d get some reaction. it’s the internet. where are the cynics crying hoax? nothing but dead silence.”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan I’m walking away. You can’t make me read. Can’t make me reply. Someone will come in the morning. A neighbor will hear me.”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 no one is coming. no one heard you screaming just now. not even the old lady who complains your radio is too loud.”

DahliaBlack72: “Please. Can someone just say something to me? I’ve tried DMing friends; Keep getting error message. Is anybody at all seeing this?”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 back to the conversation, are we? miss me? let me guess. you couldn’t sleep?”

DahliaBlack72: “PLEASE RT! 911! Stuck in apartment. Cyberstalker has my phone/computer locked down. Possibly in danger.”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 painful, isn’t it? feeling invisible. alone. screaming so loudly and no one even looks. or tweets, as the case may be.”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan Why are you doing this? What did I ever do to you?”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 it’s not personal, my dear. as i said before, this is my work. twitter’s where you find new blood.”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan what the hell kind of work requires you to terrify people?”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 the hell kind of work.”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan you are so going to jail, you stupid bastard. You’ve left evidence all over the internet.”

JDegnan: “ignorant child, you know nothing of being imprisoned. but you will.”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan bring it on! Think you’re so bad? Then come here and face me! Coward!”

JDegnan: “that’s the second invitation. care to go for three, my dear?”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan HA! Damn right I want you to come! The police are breaking down my door RIGHT NOW. Get ready for some payback.”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 i’ll be waiting.”


DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan where are you?”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 the same place you are now. the place i have been for ages. trapped. screaming. waiting for a reply that never comes.”

DahliaBlack72: “@JDegnan what happens now?”

JDegnan: “@DahliaBlack72 what happens now, child? we take this offline.”


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